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Figure 3
Comparison of crystal contacts of all cgAUS1 crystal forms. Only the strongest contacts of one monomer/chain of each crystal forms are illustrated, possessing a contact area of at least 400 Å [with the exception of CrystTEW (A), as there is no further large contact besides the dimeric interface]. (a) Crystal contacts of chain A of CrystTEW with adjacent monomers (both TEW molecules are illustrated as clusters of red spheres). (b) Crystal contacts of chain B of Cryst1 with adjacent monomers. (c) Crystal contacts of chain D with neighboring monomers. All chains are illustrated as cartoons. Monomers from adjacent ASUs are colored in different color shades and marked by single (′) and double (′′) primes, respectively. Crystal contacts are depicted as yellow surfaces and encircled to identify the respective contact.

Volume 4| Part 6| November 2017| Pages 734-740
ISSN: 2052-2525