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Figure 4
Lattice patterns. The four plots show examples of lattices obtained after step 2 of the data-analysis procedure, and are represented as circles that mark the expected peak positions down to an in-plane resolution of 7 Å, superimposed on the corresponding diffraction image. Red circles indicate the more prominent peaks that were identified and used to establish the precise lattice orientation and its unit-cell size. (a) is the single lattice image of Fig. 3[link](a) (violet triangle label). (b), (c) and (d) are the same multiple lattice image of Fig. 3[link](b) (cyan triangle label), from which three different lattices were identified. The dashed blue rings correspond to 50, 10 and 7.0 Å in-plane resolution. The magenta cross represents the direct-beam position.

Volume 5| Part 1| January 2018| Pages 103-117
ISSN: 2052-2525