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Figure 9
High-resolution data. (a) Extension to high resolution of the diffraction image in Figs. 3[link](a) and 4[link](a), in which a single lattice was identified. The circles mark the predicted peak positions to 4 Å in-plane resolution. Red circles are valid positions on the detector, while blue circles are invalid positions owing to module gaps or masked pixels. The dashed blue circle corresponds to 7 Å in-plane resolution. The magenta cross represents the direct-beam position. (b)–(e) Magnifications at the peak positions labelled in (a) by an arrow of the corresponding colour. The four reflections are labelled by the indices of the corresponding p3 reflection {(h, k)} and have the same in-plane resolution of 4.46 Å. (f)–(i) Image-sector sums of the four reflections. The number of observations N is indicated.

Volume 5| Part 1| January 2018| Pages 103-117
ISSN: 2052-2525