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Figure 5
(a) Pressure dependence of the interlayer Se(1)–Se(3) (blue) and Se(2)–Se(3) (red) distances as determined by both single-crystal (empty circles) and powder (filled circles) XRD measurements. Se(1)–Se(3) represent three different crystallographic sites (as represented in Figs. 3[link]d, 4[link]a and 4[link]c). (b) Pressure dependence of the cluster volume of a Ta–Se octahedron (violet) and an Ni–Se tetrahedron (green). In each case, the empty and filled symbols represent the results of the single-crystal and powder XRD measurements, respectively. The blue, red, violet and green solid lines are guides for the eye. The experimental data points from a previous report at 0 GPa (Sunshine & Ibers, 1985BB22) are plotted for comparison (diamonds).

Volume 5| Part 2| March 2018| Pages 158-165
ISSN: 2052-2525