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Figure 3
Crystal structures of the ENDO protein in complex with DPBA (1) and L-742,001 (2). LCMV endonuclease structures complexed with (1) (a, b, c) or (2) (d, e, f) are shown. Structures are represented as ribbons with helices in green and strands in gold, while the compound is represented as sticks. Mg2+ and Mn2+ ions are represented as light green and purple spheres, respectively. (b) and (e) show enlargements of the catalytic site showing the strong coordination of waters, ions and catalytic residues of the molecule. (c) and (f) show a 2FoFc OMIT map corresponding to the compound (1σ).

Volume 5| Part 2| March 2018| Pages 223-235
ISSN: 2052-2525