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Figure 5
Speckled features of the experimental maps. The insets highlight the characteristic speckles for the 0kl planes of the (a) CypA and (b) AP maps. In (c)–(f), maps were reconstructed or computed with oversampling by a factor of five along each lattice direction relative to integral Miller indices. Data were binned into 20 resolution shells, and the median profile for the intensity as a function of δq, the distance from reciprocal-lattice sites, is shown for each shell. Intensity profiles were normalized such that the intensity value for voxels that coincided with reciprocal-lattice sites (δq = 0) was unity. For each experimental map, curves with a 1/δq2 (dashed blue) or a 8πγ3/(1 + γ2δq2)2 (dashed red) dependence, as predicted by the phonon and liquid-like motions models, respectively, were fitted to the intensity profile in the lowest resolution shell (red points). For comparison with models whose basis is the molecular transform, intensity profiles for the CypA molecular-transform map are shown in (c).

Volume 5| Part 2| March 2018| Pages 211-222
ISSN: 2052-2525