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Figure 5
Comparisons of the Qi site. (a) The cryo-EM structures of bc1–SCR0911 (cyan) and bc1–GSK932121 (gold) overlaid. The SCR0911 inhibitor is coloured green and the GSK932121 inhibitor magenta. The overlay of the two structures shows there is no difference in the secondary-structure positions in the two maps and only minor differences in the positions of the amino-acid residues. The largest difference occurs for His201, which forms a hydrogen bond to SCR0911 but not GSK932121. (b) An overlay of the Qi site of bc1–GSK932121 in the cryo-EM (gold) and X-ray (purple) models. The density in gold corresponds to the EM map, which shows a difference in the position of His201 compared with the X-ray structure. (c) An overlay of the Qi site of bc1–SCR0911 in the cryo-EM (cyan) and X-ray (grey) models. There are no significant differences between the two models in either side-chain or secondary-structure positions.

Volume 5| Part 2| March 2018| Pages 200-210
ISSN: 2052-2525