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Figure 1
Manipulation of microcrystals for micro-crystallography. (a) Patterned well-mount. Inset: a high-resolution image of microwells to show their shape and dimensions. For better visualization, the 2 µm holes are highlighted by white circles. (b) A generic procedure for harvesting and cooling microcrystals. A micropipette is used to aspirate microcrystals and the microcrystal droplet is deposited onto the top side of the well-mount; solvent is then removed from the bottom side by using a filter paper and the well-mount is plunged into liquid nitrogen for cooling. (c) The 1.0 × 1.5 µm FMX beam profile measured at 12.6 keV. (d) A light microscopic view of a well-mount loaded with microcrystals in an orientation ready for raster scanning. (e) A raster-scan heat map from microcrystals on a well-mount.

Volume 5| Part 3| May 2018| Pages 238-246
ISSN: 2052-2525