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Figure 2
The intensity of the X-ray scattering around the {00h} family of reflections. (a) Static ω versus 2θ mesh of the {002} reflections family, regenerated from the earlier data set of Gorfman & Thomas (2010BB18). (b) The time-dependence of the applied external electric field. (c)–(e) Stroboscopically collected ω versus 2θ meshes of the {004} family of reflections, corresponding to different time channels and electric fields. The splitting along the 2θ axis violates the trigonal symmetry of the pseudocubic lattice. This splitting is commonly recognized as a `fingerprint' of the MA/MB monoclinic distortion in perovskites (see e.g. Noheda et al., 1999BB33). An animated version of panels (c)–(e) is available in the supporting information.

Volume 5| Part 4| July 2018| Pages 417-427
ISSN: 2052-2525