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Figure 8
Structural comparison with important BphPs. (a) Superposition of the SaBphP1-PCM (Pr) (yellow, green, magenta) onto the DrBphP-PCM (Pfr) in blue (Takala et al., 2014BB46). The PHY domains are displaced substantially in the Pfr structure (blue curved arrow). The sensory tongue is marked. The four helices at the dimer interface are marked as gray cylinders. The four cylinders are displayed again below the structures (see also Fig. 5[link]). The offset angle φ between the subunits was measured as described in Appendix B3. The approximate positions of the SaBphP-PCM's PHY domain centroids are shown by black spheres. The opening angle Ω is defined by the centroids and a point between the ends of helices three and six (see also Fig. 5[link]a). (b) Superposition of the SaBphP1-PCM (yellow, green, magenta) on the full length BphP with a di-guanylyl cyclase effector domain from Idiomarina sp. (blue) (Gourinchas et al., 2017BB21).

Volume 5| Part 5| September 2018| Pages 619-634
ISSN: 2052-2525