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Figure 9
The chromophore and sensory tongue region of the SaBphP1-PCM in the Pr conformation compared with the DrBphP-PCM in the Pfr form. Residues that are considered essential for the Pr to Pfr transition are marked. Red dotted lines: interactions of important residues. (a) Chromophore region of the SaBphP1-PCM, BV ring D is in the Z-configuration. Gray arrow, direction of the structural displacement of P471 from Pr to Pfr. (b) Chromophore region of the DrBphP-PCM F469W mutant (Burgie et al., 2016BB11), ring D is in the E-configuration. H290 interacts with the ring D propionate. Note, compared with the published structure, the His290 ring was rotated by 180° about the χ2 angle to motivate the interaction. The DrBphP residues Ser468, Arg466 and Pro465 correspond to Ser474, Arg472 and Pro471 in SaBphP1, respectively (see also Fig. 4[link] for absorption spectra of specific mutants).

Volume 5| Part 5| September 2018| Pages 619-634
ISSN: 2052-2525