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Figure 4
Graphical representation of the distorted-wave Born approximation (DWBA) used to calculate the total scattering intensity in a GISAXS experiment. The DWBA has four terms (TT, TR, RT and RR) which can be understood in terms of the four most probable configurations for a scattering event. The scattering amplitude from these four terms interfere coherently; to a good approximation their intensity contributions are simply additive. The four scattering terms can be grouped into two scattering channels: one where the scattering pattern is centered about the transmitted beam (Tc channel) and one where the scattering is centered about the reflected beam (Rc channel). The summation of these two channels yields the measured detector image [Id(q)], accounting for the doubling, shift and distortion of the scattering patterns observed in GISAXS.

Volume 5| Part 6| November 2018| Pages 737-752
ISSN: 2052-2525