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Figure 4
(a)–(c) FV densities on PCA planes for different intensity thresholds (number of hits in Table 1[link]). (d)–(f) Projection view of the PCA densities with manually classified single-hit patterns shown as red dots. Blue and yellow dots correspond to the same selections as in Fig. 3[link]. The black contour level corresponds to 3.3% of the maximum value of the PCA density (selected hits in Table 1[link]). For low-intensity thresholds, the black contour contains a region that is not clearly represented by the manual single hit selection (a), (d) and (b), (e). The manual hit selection is most precisely matched by data Set10kPCA within the contour line for an intensity threshold at 2 × 105 ph in (c) and (f).

Volume 5| Part 6| November 2018| Pages 727-736
ISSN: 2052-2525