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Figure 8
Experimental [100] HREM images collected on an FIB preparation of the (68)3 hexaferrite single crystal and its corresponding FFT. These two images highlight the (MYMY2MYMY4)3 stacking sequence. The darker stripes are 25.9 Å long and correspond to `MY' sections. The brighter stripes are related to `MY­2' and `MY4' sections and are 40.9 and 69.9 Å long, respectively. The (MYMY2MYMY4)3 sequence is indicated through the photograph as `1214' which refers to number succession of Y blocks only. The white rectangle in (a) represents one unit cell, containing a threefold repeat of the (MYMY2MYMY4)3 stacking sequence, shown on a shorter length scale in (b). The observed periodicity in the FFT is consistent with the primitive repeat of 162 Å.

Volume 5| Part 6| November 2018| Pages 681-698
ISSN: 2052-2525