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Figure 2
Time-resolved SAXS data following photo-decaging of NPE-ATP. (a) Plot of the scattering difference curves (qΔI versus q) calculated by subtracting the protein scattered with a negative laser offset (−100 µs) from all the subsequent time-point measurements. Inset shows the difference curves of the first two time points (50 and 100 ms). (b) Radius of gyration representing NBD dimerization and kinetic fit with an increase in Rg over time (black squares with corresponding standard deviations). The time points after laser excitation were fitted with a second-order kinetic function (black line). The calculated rate constant for dimerization (kdim) from the fit is 6200 M−1 s−1.

Volume 5| Part 6| November 2018| Pages 667-672
ISSN: 2052-2525