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Figure 5
Comparison to previously published results for the ribosome (top), β-galactosidase (centre) and γ-secretase (bottom). Left: relative B factors. Unlike in Fig. 4[link], the vertical positions of these curves are arbitrary: only their shapes hold any meaning. The continuous black and dotted grey lines correspond to the same motion estimate, but they have been determined using the new and the old B-factor estimation techniques, respectively. Their similarity indicates that the new technique estimates the same B factors as the old technique, albeit in a more robust way. The dashed blue line corresponds to previously published B factors. Note the stark improvement at the beginning of the sequence. Right: FSC curves comparing the new results with the previously published results. Note that the old polishing approach estimated the motion as superimposed over that estimated by another, reference-free method, while Bayesian polishing always works on the raw unaligned micrographs and aims to model the entire motion by itself.

ISSN: 2052-2525