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Figure 5
(a) Temperature evolution of the modulation function of the cobalt atom. (b)–(e) Modulation of the bond lengths between the cobalt and oxygen atoms at 86 and 90 K in phase III, and at 106 and 122 K in phase II. The distances Co1—O1, Co1—O1a, Co1—O2b, Co1—O2c, Co1—O3 and Co1—O3a are represented in light-green, dark-green, orange, red, black and grey continuous lines, respectively. The distances Co1—O1, Co1—O2c and Co1—O3 in the commensurate phase I are represented in green, brown and blue discontinuous lines, respectively. [Symmetry codes: [({\rm a})\ -x + 1], [-y], [-z]; [({\rm b})\ x - {1\over 2}], y, [-z + {1\over 2}]; [({\rm c})\ x - {3\over 2}], [-y], [z - {1\over 2}].]

Volume 6| Part 1| January 2019| Pages 105-115
ISSN: 2052-2525