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Figure 6
View along the a axis of the superstructure obtained at (a) 122 K and (b) 86 K; the solid lines are included to highlight the structural modulation, green and blue lines for the framework modulation at 122 and 86 K and orange and red for the modulation of the methylammonium cations. View along the wavevector direction of the model refined at (c) 122 K and (d) 86 K, in order to emphasize the increase of the amplitudes of the displacive modulation with decreasing temperature; all atoms have been represented as sticks except for cobalt (pink) and nitro­gen and carbon atoms (blue and black, respectively) of methylammonium. Hydrogen atoms are represented by light-grey sticks. The graphical representations were carried out considering a supercell (ten times the average unit cell along the c axis), in order to include at least a complete period.

Volume 6| Part 1| January 2019| Pages 105-115
ISSN: 2052-2525