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Figure 6
Qo and Qi sites of cytochrome bc1, with inhibitors bound in the cytochrome b subunit. (a) S. cerevisiae structure with atovaquone bound in the Qo site, making a hydrogen bond to the His121 side chain from the Rieske iron–sulfur protein. S and Fe atoms are shown as yellow and orange spheres, respectively (Birth et al., 2014BB5). (b, c, d) Bovine cytochrome bc1 with (b) GSK932121, (c) GW844520 (Capper et al., 2015BB8) and (d) SCR0911 inhibitors bound in the Qi site (Amporndanai et al., 2018BB2). Residues and inhibitors are shown as sticks. Selected possible hydrogen bonds are illustrated by black dashed lines.

Volume 6| Part 2| March 2019| Pages 167-177
ISSN: 2052-2525