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Figure 7
The Qi site of bovine cytochrome bc1 in a cryoEM map with antimalarial compounds (Amporndanai et al., 2018BB2). (a) The Qi site with GSK932121 density (coloured green) suggests there are two modes of inhibitor binding accompanied by rotation around the oxygen–carbon bond. The binding pose shown in green agrees with the crystal structure, with the trifluoromethyl group pointing towards Met194. There is additional density which suggests that the trifluoromethoxy­phenyl group could be rotated and point towards Asp228, revealing an additional mode of binding (shown in blue). (b) The Qi site with the inhibitor SCR0911 (shown in pink) located in strong density. A possible hydrogen bond from the inhibitor to His201 is shown as dashed line and is clearly defined in EM density. For all maps, the density is contoured at 3σ.

Volume 6| Part 2| March 2019| Pages 167-177
ISSN: 2052-2525