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Figure 1
HEWL crystals. (a) Crystallization drop containing the needle-shaped microcrystals (dark gray) belonging to the novel monoclinic polymorph investigated by 3D ED and reported in this study. The drop also contains one common tetragonal crystal (light gray). (b) An aggregate of acicular crystals of different sizes grown during several weeks. The inset shows two crystals suitable for X-ray diffraction and ED, respectively, at a higher magnification and compared with the beam sizes used in this study. The purple ellipse represents the 10 × 4 µm beam of the microfocus X-ray diffraction beamline ID23-2 at the ESRF; the yellow dot is four times larger than the diameter of the electron nanobeam produced by the Zeiss Libra 120 TEM used in this study.

Volume 6| Part 2| March 2019| Pages 178-188
ISSN: 2052-2525