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Figure 1
(a) A sketch of the sputter unit. The rotary feedthrough and bellows combination allows for free movement of the sample relative to the X-ray beam. Fast access to the sample is provided by an entry door with viewport from the right-hand side from the given perspective. A 1-inch sputter gun was fitted from the top with 75 mm target–substrate distance as adjusted by a spacer flange. Downstream of the glass entrance window the beam passes through a motorized pinhole in vacuum, before reaching the sample substrate. Further models and pictures of the setup from different angles are available in the Supporting information. (b) Photograph of the sputtering system mounted onto the surface diffractometer at P07-EH2 at PETRA III, DESY, Hamburg, Germany.

Volume 6| Part 2| March 2019| Pages 299-304
ISSN: 2052-2525