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Figure 4
(a) (Top to bottom) PDFs with fits of a pre-annealed spin-coated ZrO2 film heated to 295°C, and two crystalline ZrO2 films prepared from equally pre-annealed layers and heated to 800°C in a rapid thermal annealing process with a heating rate of ∼100°C min−1, and 900°C in air at a slow heating rate of ∼10°C min−1, respectively (blue dots: data, red lines: calculated model, green line: difference curve, offset of −0.5 Å−2 for clarity), along with the calculated reference PDFs from the ICSD (references 658755 for monoclinic and 93124 for tetragonal with reduced values for Uiso extrapolated to room temperature). Structural models of (b) the double-polyhedron structural motif of the disordered amorphous phase (Tyrsted et al., 2014BB44), (c) the monoclinic and (d) the tetragonal structure; green and red spheres represent zirconium and oxygen ions, respectively.

Volume 6| Part 2| March 2019| Pages 290-298
ISSN: 2052-2525