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Figure 3
Typical Kikuchi patterns for Plates A and B in the NM martensite cluster embedded in an austenite matrix under increasing axial load. (a) The initial stage [shown in Fig. 2[link](a)], (b) the intermediate stage [shown in Figs. 2[link](b) and 2[link](c)] and (c) the final stage [shown in Fig. 2[link](d)]. (d) The corresponding inverse pole figure along the Y0 axis (compression direction). (e) An illustration of the detwinning process for hierarchically structured non-modulated martensite variants with respect to inter-plate twinning boundaries (Inter-PTBs) and intra-plate twining boundaries (Intra-PTBs).

Volume 6| Part 3| May 2019| Pages 366-372
ISSN: 2052-2525