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Figure 4
Quality of the electron-density maps of the pink-beam structure of A2AAR. (a) The A2AAR and BRIL fusion proteins are shown as a cartoon and stick representation in white and violet, respectively. (b) Difference electron-density maps (2mFoDFc at 1.5σ) around the ligand ZM241385 (orange stick representation) and neighboring residues. (c) and (d) Comparison of the quality of the 2mFoDFc electron-density maps (at 1.5σ) around the residues, shown as sticks for helices I, II and III of the pink-beam A2AAR structure (c) and the monochromatic A2AAR structure (d) (Martin-Garcia et al., 2017BB33).

Volume 6| Part 3| May 2019| Pages 412-425
ISSN: 2052-2525