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Figure 2
(a) Roadrunner II chip with dimensions of 33 × 12 mm (H × V). The chip provides 21 × 6 compartments each with a size of 1.0 × 1.0 mm separated by a support frame structure with a width of 600 µm and a thickness of 300 µm. (b) The membrane thickness of the 126 individual compartments is 10 µm and the membranes are equipped with hexagonal patterns of micropores with diameters of 20 µm and a spacing of 50 µm between the pores. Because of the horizontal beamsize of 60 µm used for the experiments, which is larger than the pore separation, it was decided to expose at intervals of twice the pore spacing in order to avoid double exposure of the same crystal.

Volume 6| Part 5| September 2019| Pages 927-937
ISSN: 2052-2525