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Figure 1
Large hydrophobic cavity and O2-docking sites in Ngb. The determination of neuroglobin structures in 2004 unravelled the existence of a large hydrophobic internal cavity in which the heme is accommodated, along with the main `tunnel' and an alternate tunnel connecting this cavity to the bulk. The internal cavity and tunnels are shown in green (a) for hexacoordinate ferric Ngb (PDB entry 1q1f; Vallone, Nienhaus, Brunori et al., 2004BB75) and in magenta (b) for CO-bound Ngb (PDB entry 1w92; Vallone, Nienhaus, Matthes et al., 2004BB76), in which the location of O2 has been modelled within the cavity.

Volume 6| Part 5| September 2019| Pages 832-842
ISSN: 2052-2525