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Figure 1
Structure and assembly of the DRS–AIMP2GST–EPRSGST subcomplex of the MSC. (a) Domain compositions of DRS, AIMP2, EPRS, AIMP3 and MRS (top), and representations of the constructs used in this study (bottom). (b) Size-exclusion chromatography analyses of the MSC subcomplexes DA2, DA2E, DA2EA3 and DA2EA3M. Inset: SDS–PAGE analysis of the highest peak. (c) Left: overall view of the crystal structure of the DA2E subcomplex of the MSC in cartoon representation. DRS (green), AIMP2GST (orange), EPRSGST (blue) and a Zn atom (gray) are shown. Right: the DA2E structure is horizontally rotated by 90°, showing the interfaces among the components. Phosphate ions are represented as stick models. (See also Supplementary Fig. S1.)

Volume 6| Part 5| September 2019| Pages 958-967
ISSN: 2052-2525