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Figure 6
Electron-microscopic analysis of human MICAL3FMOCH and a model of MICAL3FMOCH–F-actin interaction. (a) Structural comparison taken from 3D analysis: representative surface views of the reconstructed 3D structure (top row) and the corresponding views of 2D class averages (middle row) and raw particles (bottom row). The 10 nm scale bar applies to all of the panels in (a). (b) Superimposition of an equivalent view of the crystal structure (yellow) on the 3D envelope of negatively stained human MICAL3. (c) The initial model was built by manually docking human MICAL3FMOCH to F-actin (PDB entry 3lue; Galkin et al., 2010BB35). The CH domain (dark blue cartoon) was oriented first and the FMO domain (purple cartoon) was arranged so that the active site was close to actin. Each actin monomer is represented in a different color (tinted surfaces).

ISSN: 2052-2525