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Figure 6
Ensemble modelling suggests that apo LAP in solution consists of a mixture of compact and extended inter-monomer conformations. (a) Comparison of theoretical scattering of the ensembles of models with (yellow; Hinge + SJ) or without (red; SJ) inter-monomer rotation around the bowtie hinge and random conformations of the straight-jacket domain. (b) Volume fractions of the Hinge + SJ core models determined by the genetic algorithm (GAJOE). (c, d, e) Representations of the Dmax, Rg and volume distributions of the random pools and the selected ensembles, respectively. The results reported are the means of three independent runs of the genetic algorithm and error bars represent the standard deviation.

Volume 7| Part 2| March 2020| Pages 238-252
ISSN: 2052-2525