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Figure 1
CPV14 crystals imaged using electrons and visible-light microscopy. (a) An example cryoSEM image of CPV14 crystals taken at an accelerating voltage of 2 kV with a working distance of 10 mm and an electron dose of 7.6 × 10−3 e Å−2. The crystals in this image formed part of the SEM-exposed treatment group. The maximum achievable resolution under these conditions with this microscope is ∼8 nm. (b) An image taken using the optical microscope OAV of the I24 beamline shows the corresponding grid square to that shown in panel (a). The maximum achievable resolution with this optical microscope is 0.7 µm. In panel (b), the red crosshair indicates the microfocus beam position on I24 prior to X-ray diffraction data collection from a single CPV14 crystal. The equivalent position in panel (a) is indicated by a dashed white circle. In both panels, the scale bar indicates 10 µm.

Volume 7| Part 3| May 2020| Pages 500-508
ISSN: 2052-2525