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Figure 3
Histograms showing the initial scale factors and relative B factors for datasets collected from crystals across different treatments. Scale factors (a)–(d) and relative B factors (e)–(h) for the first frame of each dataset collected from individual CPV14 crystals were extracted following a single scaling job of all 1151 datasets with DIALS. These factors were then plotted as histograms, where each histogram contains the distribution of either initial scale factor or B factor within a given treatment group. The treatment groups were: untreated [cyan, (a) and (e)], SEM loaded [green, (b) and (f)], SEM unexposed [blue, (c) and (g)] and SEM exposed [red, (d) and (h)].

Volume 7| Part 3| May 2020| Pages 500-508
ISSN: 2052-2525