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Figure 3
BSE images of the QC-bearing assemblage from the reaction zone in S1253. (a) The region from the boxed area in Fig. 2[link](c). The right side of the image presents deformed and elongated Al–Cu grains from the GDI. The left side shows the texture of reaction products between the GDI and the steel chamber. The QC assemblage is shown in (b) and the intermetallic assemblage is shown in Fig. S2. (b) The assemblage of i-phase II, khatyrkite (θ), and stolperite (β). The i-phase II forms petal-like domains. Stolperite is brighter and more euhedral than khatyrkite. (c) EBSD patterns of the identified phases. The coloured numbers mark the rotation axes of icosahedral symmetry in the i-phase II pattern. Coloured lines denote the indexed poles of the Kikuchi bands. (d) The same i-phase II assemblage in a natural sample, Khatyrka meteorite grain 126A [after the work by Bindi et al. (2016BB4)]. The i-phase II in this case is enclosed by stolperite.

Volume 7| Part 3| May 2020| Pages 434-444
ISSN: 2052-2525