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Figure 5
Compositions of the natural and synthetic i-phases. Corresponding EDS analysis results are shown in Table S4. The error bar is the standard deviation of multiple individual analyses. When there is no symbol for a certain element it means the element is not detected in the analysis. When there is no visible error bar it means it is smaller than the size of the symbol. References: natural i-phase II in Khatyrka, Bindi et al. (2016BB4); natural thermodynamically stable icosahedrite (i-phase I), Bindi et al. (2011BB6); a previous shock-synthetic i-phase (second from the right), Asimow et al. (2016BB1); and a previous shock-synthetic i-phase (far right), Oppenheim et al. (2017aBB21).

Volume 7| Part 3| May 2020| Pages 434-444
ISSN: 2052-2525