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Figure 2
Key elements of the wwPDB validation report for X-ray structures are shown for PDB entry 6pzd, a recent crystal structure of Influenza A neuraminidase, determined at 1.12 Å (Zhu et al., 2019BB73). (a) Graphical display of key metrics (`sliders'). For each metric, two percentile ranks are calculated: an absolute rank with respect to the entire PDB archive and a relative rank with respect to structures determined at similar resolution. Slider markers in the blue region on the right are indicative of a high-quality structure. Lower-quality structures have the markers in the red region on the left. (b) Residue property plot: residues are color-coded green if no issues are detected, yellow if there are outliers for one criterion (e.g. unusual bond lengths), orange if there are outliers for two criteria (e.g. unusual bond lengths and clashes) and red for three or more criteria. A horizontal stack bar plot presents the fraction of residues with each color code. Unmodeled regions of the chain, if present, are represented by a gray segment. The upper red bar indicates the fraction of residues with poor fit to the electron density.

Volume 7| Part 4| July 2020| Pages 630-638
ISSN: 2052-2525