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Figure 1
The electron density of six Pgp mutants and localization of BDE-100 by X-ray crystallography. Stereoviews are from the extracellular side perpendicular to the membrane. The blue mesh represents 2mFoDFc density (B factor sharpened by 50–75 Å2) contoured to 1.0σ. The magenta mesh represents anomalous difference Fourier electron density from the Br atoms of BDE-100 using X-ray data collected at the bromine anomalous absorption peak (13.48 keV). Contour levels are as follows: 5.5σ for C952A, 5.0σ for F979A, 4.0σ for F724A, 3.8σ for F728A and 4.2σ for Y303A and Y306A. BDE-100 in each structure is shown in stick representation with Br atoms colored red. Phe974, which undergoes a disorder-to-order transition upon binding in site 2, is labeled in all six panels. The corresponding side views are shown in Supplementary Fig. S1.

Volume 7| Part 4| July 2020| Pages 663-672
ISSN: 2052-2525