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Figure 1
Photoactivation of the LOV2 domain of Phot2 from A. thaliana. (a) Schematic of Phot2 domain reorganization upon blue-light illumination (adapted from the work of Okajima et al., 2014BB25). (b) The photocycle of AtPhot2LOV2. (c) Time-resolved series of UV–Vis absorption difference spectra of a AtPhot2LOV2 crystal under 3.2 µW irradiation of a 470 nm LED, recorded at 23 Hz [colour range: violet (t = 0 s) to red (t = 9 s)]. The absorption maximum of the light state is indicated with an arrow. We note that the apparent increase in absorbance above 500 nm is caused by the decrease in dark-state blue-light-induced fluorescence. (d) Evolution of the optical density at λ = 390 nm, which is characteristic of the AtPhot2LOV2 light-state build up (rise time τ = 0.891 s).

Volume 7| Part 4| July 2020| Pages 728-736
ISSN: 2052-2525