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Figure 4
Paired refinement results for models from different building stages: EP (a)–(d) and POLI (e)–(f) data sets. For each incremental step of resolution for XY, the R values were calculated at resolution X. EP: resolution shells with a width of 0.05 Å. (a) Model after molecular replacement using a penicillopepsin structure. (b) Protein model as built by ARP/wARP. (c) Original model of endothia­pepsin without solvent molecules (PDB entry 4y4g). (d) Structure of endothia­pepsin as deposited in the PDB. (e)–(f) POLI: resolution shells with a width of 0.10 Å. (e) Poly-Ala model built by SHELXE into the experimental map. (f) Complete protein model without solvent molecules.

Volume 7| Part 4| July 2020| Pages 681-692
ISSN: 2052-2525