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Figure 1
Microscope setup and environmental conditions for CRYO ARM 300 installed at BECM. Photographs of (a) the microscope and (b) technical rooms. (c) Schematic of the room layout and placement of the microscope with its supporting elements. Identical elements are indicated by identical colours. The grey square under the microscope indicates the isolated concrete slab. The following abbreviations are used: LN2, liquid nitro­gen tank; HT, high tension tank; WD, cooling water distribution unit; C, microscope electronics console; SP, scroll pump; WC, water chiller (two water chillers are used for JEOL JEM-1400 microscopes installed in the other rooms of the facility). Dimensions are indicated in centimetres. (d), (e) and (f) Air temperature and air relative humidity in the microscope room and temperature of cooling water plots during acquisition of the apoferritin dataset used for benchmarking. The 0.1°C wide band on the water temperature plot arises from regular water temperature fluctuations with a period of around 30 min. Data were recorded using Wi-Fi temperature and humidity loggers (FilesThruTheAir). The sensor for the microscope room data is located in the microscope room, outside of the microscope enclosure. Water temperatures were measured inside the secondary chiller tank.

Volume 7| Part 4| July 2020| Pages 707-718
ISSN: 2052-2525