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Figure 5
Computed KD from VR curves in Fig. 4[link], plotted as a function of receptor concentration [HisBP] and total photon dose. Colours represent replicates at different total doses: (black) 2.6 × 1013 photons at DESY, (blue) 3 × 1012 photons at ESRF, (red) 2.6 × 1013photons at Australian Synchrotron and (violet) 1.6 × 1014 photons at Diamond. Reference values from ITC are shown as dashed grey lines with error bars at the plot edges. Low confidence limits imposed by constant-receptor titrations are represented by light-yellow regions where KD lies outside one or two orders of magnitude of [HisBP]. For comparison, equivalent plots using other metrics are shown in Figs. S11–S13.

Volume 7| Part 4| July 2020| Pages 644-655
ISSN: 2052-2525