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Figure 1
Motion-corrected micrographs of apoferritin (120–130 Å outer diameter) in cubic ice at 1.077 Å pixel size and a defocus of 1.93 µm (a) and 1.96 µm (b). Red boxes show the areas enlarged in (c) and (d). The ice lattice is visible by eye in both micrographs. (a) shows numerous small crystallites with different orientations, whereas in (b) the crystal lattice is uniform. This is also evident from the respective Fourier transforms (e, f). The lower right-hand quadrant in (e) has multiple reflections, whereas in (f) it shows only one single spot at 3.68 Å resolution. The highest resolution to which the CTF could be fitted is indicated by the thin white circles in (e) (3.19 Å) and (f) (2.96 Å). The top right quadrant shows the rotational average of the Fourier transform and the left half shows the fitted CTF.

Volume 8| Part 2| March 2021| Pages 186-194
ISSN: 2052-2525