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Figure 2
In-house in situ XRD data (Co Kα source): (a) contour plot of temperature resolved data and (b) diffractograms at selected temperatures for the ZS1 thin film. (c) Calculated and observed diffraction patterns at 300 K of the annealed ZS1 thin film. The two-phase model does not fit the two weak peaks marked by arrows. (d) Experimental XRD patterns of the thin films (ZS1 at 300 K, ZSA2 at 527 K, ZSA3 at 525 K). The calculated XRD pattern of the modified β-Zn8Sb7 phase is shown in green. The purple curve shows the XRD pattern of the reported β-Zn8Sb7 phase (ICSD No. 238947).

Volume 8| Part 3| May 2021| Pages 444-454
ISSN: 2052-2525