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Figure 3
FWHM of Si at 100 K. The blue stars show experimental FWHM from single-peak fitting using a generic pseudo-Voigt function. The black line shows the FWHM function obtained from the refined TCH parameters in Rietveld analysis of the Si 300 K data. The red dashed line shows a least-squares fit to the TCH FHWM using the function [{\Gamma _Q} = {({\Gamma _{Q0}^2 + {\kappa ^2}{Q^2}})^{1/2}}]. The refined values of ΓQ0 and κ are shown alongside the refined TCH peak-profile parameters U, V, W, Z, X and Y.

Volume 8| Part 3| May 2021| Pages 387-394
ISSN: 2052-2525