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Figure 3
(a)–(e) S1-state structure superimposed with the Fobs(light) − Fobs(dark) isomorphous difference Fourier map contoured at +4.0σ (green) and −4.0σ (orange) calculated with the `light' datasets obtained under the conditions (a) −50 ns, `light', 4.9 µl min−1 flow rate; (b) −50 ns, `light', 7.3 µl min−1; (c) −50 ns, `light', 8.5 µl min−1, (d) −50 ns, `light', 9.8 µl min−1; and (e) 10 ms, light, 9.8 µl min−1. The changes in W665 were indicated by black arrows. Average peak heights of the difference map at the position of (f) W665 and (g) W601 calculated from two PSII monomers and maximum noises or systematic errors. Maximum noise or systematic errors with error bars were calculated from the five strongest noise peaks observed outside the PSII protein complex and are shown in gray. (h) Peak heights at the position of W601 were plotted against the distance the sample traveled outside the top-hat laser spot where the sample is no longer directly illuminated. The 10 ms, light, 9.8 µl min−1 dataset corresponds to distance zero (the focus of the laser beam), and for the other datasets with a delay time of −50 ns, the calculated total distance traveled −125 µm was used.

Volume 8| Part 3| May 2021| Pages 431-443
ISSN: 2052-2525