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Figure 3
Details of the interface formed by the hexameric homo-oligomeric complex of abMurG. (a) Cartoon representation of the hexameric abMurG complex. Three different types of interfaces (types 1–3) formed by the hexameric complex are indicated by black arrows. (b) Table summarizing the interaction details of each type of interface. (c, d, e) Cartoon representation of each type of interaction interface: type 1 (c), type 2 (d) and type 3 (e). The position of each interface and the molecules involved in the formation of each interface are shown in the upper panel. Close-up views of each interface showing the residues involved in the formation of the interface are provided in the lower panels. (f) Verification of the interfaces by mutagenesis. Size-exclusion chromatography profiles comparing the positions of eluted peaks between wild-type abMurG and various mutants with disrupted type 1 (R76D), type 2 (S319K) and type 3 (E209R) interfaces.

Volume 8| Part 4| July 2021| Pages 574-583
ISSN: 2052-2525