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Figure 6
(a) Sedimentation-velocity analysis of AoRib2 deletion mutants. Top, AoRib2188; bottom, AoRib2177. The two deletion mutants were found to exist in a monomeric form. To compare protein stability, equilibrium thermal denaturation CD measurements of (b) AoRib2, (c) AoRib2188 and (d) AoRib2177 were conducted in 20 mM sodium phosphate pH 7.5. (e) A plot of the average fluorescence emission intensity against protein concentration for AoRib2 (black circles), AoRib2188 (red inverted triangles) and AoRib2177 (green squares).

Volume 8| Part 4| July 2021| Pages 549-558
ISSN: 2052-2525