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Figure 3
Architecture of bacterial type 2 asparaginases. (a) Protomer of EcAII (PDB entry 3eca) with the N-terminal domain in pink, the C-terminal domain in orange, the linker in red, the hinge region (HR) in blue and the flexible gating element (FGE) in green. (b) The EcAII homotetramer (a dimer of two intimate dimers) has D2 (222) symmetry with intimate dimers A/B (pink/yellow) and C/D (green/blue). (c) Detailed view of the EcAII active site with L-­Asp bound. (d) Location of the active site in the A/B dimer.

Volume 8| Part 4| July 2021| Pages 514-531
ISSN: 2052-2525