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Figure 1
The above-molecular 1.5 and 0.86 nm distances are depicted in the molecular model of collagen, and the corresponding diffraction peaks at q = 2π/1.5 nm and q = 2π/(0.86 nm/3) for the third order of 0.86 nm are marked in a typical azimuthally averaged WAXS profile (top). For each of the 4131 WAXS frames recorded for each sample, the position of these peaks has been determined, providing the statistical population for extracting a few characteristic structural parameters for each sample. Furthermore, histograms of the above-molecular peak positions mapped across samples immersed in the specified sugar concentrations (zero, i.e. control samples in this example) for three days (3 d) are shown (bottom). The histograms of the WAXS equatorial peak, corresponding to the 1.5 nm distance, are depicted in the left column and the histograms of the meridional peak, corresponding to the 0.86 nm distance, are depicted in the right column.

Volume 8| Part 4| July 2021| Pages 621-632
ISSN: 2052-2525