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Figure 3
(a) An individual diffraction pattern of an intracellular HEX-1 crystal in a Sf9 cell, recorded at room temperature on a Roadrunner II chip with a CSPAD detector. The maximum resolution was limited by the setup to 2.0 Å at the detector edges. Higher resolution peaks of up to 1.70 Å could be detected in the detector corners (blue inset). The shape of the peaks indicates low mosaicity (red inset). (b) Virtual powder diffraction pattern of HEX-1 crystals recorded in cellulo shows a homogeneous distribution of crystal orientations. The sum of detected Bragg peaks detected by indexamajig from the CrystFEL suite in all images resulting from the data collection from chips 1 and 2 is depicted.

Volume 8| Part 4| July 2021| Pages 665-677
ISSN: 2052-2525