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Figure 2
A two-dimensional illustration of the GALOCS output for the case of graphene. (a) The SFF for the structure of graphene according to equation (1)[link] and electron densities of isolated carbon atoms. The same figure shows the standard unit cell and its three transformations, suitable for the analysis of the corresponding planar gaps in this structure. In all cases, the transformed unit cell has the vector A1 parallel to the (hk) planes. (b) The dependence of the Chk on the direction nBhk. The Miller indices corresponding to each of the directions are marked explicitly. (c) The dependences of Γ(10, X3), Γ(11, X3) and Γ(12, X3) on D = dhkX3 (vertically shifted relatively to each other for clarity).

Volume 8| Part 5| September 2021| Pages 793-804
ISSN: 2052-2525